Every power plant in the world generates a huge amount of energy, which is transmitted through grids to the end consumers. However, the amount of wasted energy is not accounted for. The energy generated in power plants should be equal to the energy utilized; any variance could lead to unnecessary wastage. Managing power is thus a vital exercise for generation, transmission, and distribution facilities and must be performed effectively for optimum production and ideal utilization.

We, at Greenovative, help utility companies to identify areas of wastage and reduce it as a continual process. Power outages and overloads can cause significant damage to electric equipment and interrupt business processes, resulting in overshooting budgets and cost implications. We monitor the equipment at utility companies, analyze their electrical patterns, and maintain them so as to ensure grid stability. Our in-depth knowledge and intelligent algorithms help companies make informed, proactive decisions, which provide them with optimized, sustainable, and smart utility systems.

From power generation to transmission & distribution, we offer unique smart grid monitoring and controlling capabilities that enable utility companies to get clear visibility of their grid to operate more efficiently, reduce maintenance costs, and make intelligent investments with maximized ROIs.


Gap Analysis : By analyzing energy generation versus consumption, we can identify areas of improvement and implement measures to correct variances.
Energy & Power Monitoring : We monitor energy consumption to identify and reduce wastage. We track how much energy is being consumed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We also monitor the quality of power generated, peak demands, and any other vital parameters that may affect grid stability.
Transmission & Distribution Loss Analysis : Our system helps to determine the transmission and distribution losses that may occur from generating point to substation and from substation to end user.
Harmonic Analysis : Our system has an in-depth reporting structure that helps to examine the harmonics in a system and reduce unforeseen events. The harmonics of extremely high orders can also be analyzed and presented effectively to take necessary action.
“Transform the utility companies into a new era of reliability, availability & efficiency to contribute our economic and environmental health”
Predictive Analytics : Our system analyzes trends and provides information on ideal versus actual consumption patterns. Based on this, it can also predict future consumption trends. It also helps to balance the load, thereby preventing equipment overload.
Asset Analysis : Our system provides conditional monitoring of the equipment and devices at power plants, distribution grids, and transmission stations.
Ghost Load : Our system monitors the energy that is consumed by our clients’ equipment when they are switched off. This energy utilization affects costs but is not accounted for or utilized with purpose.
Electricity Theft : We use a combination of data analytics, smart meters, and machine learning to detect and minimize electricity theft at our customers’ facilities.