A smart city is essentially an urban area that utilizes technology and data to manage resources and assets efficiently. Smart cities integrate various technologies and sensors in a network to connect citizens by optimizing the efficiency of city operations.

The core elements in a typical smart city include adequate water supply, reliable and continual electricity supply, improved sanitation, efficient public transport, affordable housing, robust IT connectivity, good governance, better safety and security measures for citizens, improved health & education, and ultimately, a more sustainable environment.


Smart Buildings : Our system provides unique solutions and real-time information that helps residential as well as commercial complexes to manage their operations intelligently. We provide clear visibility of communication systems and integrate them on a single platform.
Sustainable Industrial Solutions: We serve customers from the utility, manufacturing, and commercial sectors. We deploy sustainable solutions that focus on integrating renewable energy into networks as well as grid automation solutions. Our solutions help to eliminate transmission & distribution losses, provide a balanced loading pattern, and analyze transformer efficiency. We have a smart platform that provides dynamic information about electrical equipment and their parameters. We also provide current utilization as well as predictive analysis.
“Capability of information technology to create efficiencies and sustainability by improving the quality of life of it’s residents”
Water Management: Our intelligent system assists in monitoring and optimizing water distribution. Our accurate analysis helps to reduce the energy consumed by water pumps, which, in turn, reduces the overall operational costs for utility. Our system has been implemented by utility companies to achieve massive water savings and reduce water losses by detecting leaks, managing waste water, and providing customized solutions.
Digital Transportation: We provide solutions to public transport sectors for more sustainable transport options. Our system provides real-time monitoring of electrical networks for public transport along with real-time tracking of vehicles. We also provide vital information such as fuel level, distance, and driver efficiency.
Intelligent Lighting: Streetlights are a major part of all city networks as they consume an enormous amount of energy; nearly 10% to 20% of the energy used revolves around city lighting. Our system effectively controls lighting systems, their operations, and effective conditions. With this information, we improve efficiency through continual maintenance and retrofit efforts.