Greenovative presented in Economic Time tech summit 2019

Greenovative’s Head Marketing was honoured to represent at the Economic Time Tech 2019. With an overwhelming response from the audience, the team discussed on points such as improving energy consumption and enhancing profitability, quantification of available energy data for taking necessary measures, and need for energy efficiency policies in-line with industry 4.0 for sustainable development.

Greenovative’s Triumph at V-Grow Biz Arena by P&G and Wehub held at Hyderabad, Telangana:

V-Grow Biz Arena, an event organized by P& G India, in association with WeHub Telangana provided a platform to the companies to present their innovative solution for problem statements related to energy efficiency and management. Team Greenovative was declared the winner for the event based on technical proficiency, capabilities, and experience.

Team Greenovative’s Annual Outing 2018-19

Appreciating team’s efforts for successful business growth and to provide a quick relaxing break from the never ending work, team Greenovative was on a two day outing at Mahabaleshwar. The team enjoyed at the venue that was peaceful, clam and provided a soothing experience.

Greenovative’s Co Founder presents at  GreenCo Summit 2019, New Delhi

Greenovative’s Co-Founder Mr. Vinit Kulkarni was awarded with an opportunity to speak at the GreenCo Summit held in New Delhi 2019. Mr. Vinit Kulkarni provided insights on Industry 4.0, IIOT realization, and Measures for Energy Efficiency in India. The event further included Q&A sessions along with appreciation from the Panel Members.