Energy Management System

Ensure Energy Efficiency

Overall Equipement Eficiency

Enhance Productivity

Asset Management system

Improve maintenance

GreenErgy - Energy Management System

  • GreenErgy is a real-time software solution that enables effective energy management through data collection, diagnosis and reporting
  • It is an intelligent energy management system (EMS) that improves system utilization, increases reliability, predicts the performance of electrical & mechanical systems, and records energy usage with the aim to reduce costs
  • It fully complies with the main objective of ISO 50001 standards to improve energy consumption, performance, and efficiency
  • The system has a friendlyuser interface, is easy to operate, and requires minimal system resources to function

Overall Equipment Effectiveness – OEE

  • The main goal of OEE is to measure the percentage of manufacturing time that is productive
  • Measuring the OEE helps you improve the manufacturing process in a systematic manner
  • An OEE score of 100% simply means that your machinery manufactures only the good parts, as fast as possible, while also ensuring no stoppage time
  • Our solution would help you measure the performance of your machinery, identify losses, measure the progress, and in the end, improve the machine’s and operator's productivity

Asset management

  • This offering would help maximize your return on investment, especially in terms of ensuring that your assets are working safely and reliably with infinite uptime
  • It empowers your personnel to respond quickly before any occurrences of downtime or system failures
  • It would also help your personnel realize the service intervals of machinery and simulate yearly service costs, thereby ensuring profitable and extended machinery performance throughout its lifecycle