GreenErgy - Energy Management System

  • GreenErgy is a real-time software solution that enables effective energy management through data collection, diagnosis and reporting
  • It is an intelligent energy management system (EMS) that improves system utilization, increases reliability, predicts the performance of electrical & mechanical systems, and records energy usage with the aim to reduce costs
  • It fully complies with the main objective of ISO 50001 standards to improve energy consumption, performance, and efficiency
  • The system has a friendlyuser interface, is easy to operate, and requires minimal system resources to function


Installs best-of-all solutions in terms of energy monitoring and management

Extracts real-time data precisely and remotely

Provides information about energy-associated parameters

Optimizes energy consumption and provides exceptional cost propositions

Provides benchmarking and trend analysis for predictive demand analysis

“Enhance your organization by committing to sustainable energy practices by adopting ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Standard”


Identifies the energy-saving areas and controls energy-related costs while also improving efficiency, power, quality, and reliability

Helps in monitoring and determining wastage in terms of energy consumption within specific locations

Monitors real-time demand, power factor, and voltage

Eliminates the human error factor thereby saving time and provides a 100% accurate match from the collected data about the actual energy consumption

Analyzes energy consumption breakups across key consumption loads

Records the entire range of electrical parameters to minimize power hassles

Notification engine provides alerts via SMS and e-mail, if any criticality is detected