Asset Management

  • This offering would help maximize your return on investment, especially in terms of ensuring that your assets are working safely and reliably with infinite uptime
  • It empowers your personnel to respond quickly before any occurrences of downtime or system failures
  • It would also help your personnel realize the service intervals of machinery and simulate yearly service costs, thereby ensuring profitable and extended machinery performance throughout its lifecycle


Analyzes asset health in a manufacturing plant, power plant, and transmission and distribution grids

Measures and provides information related to the assets

Helps in the evolution from Time-based Maintenance (TBM) to Condition-based Maintenance (CBM)

Comprehensively monitors machine / equipment to reduce the OPC

“The first step for any organization to improve its asset utilization is by understanding the location, efficiency, uptime”


Reduces maintenance cost by studying real-time data and taking proactive actions to prevent breakdowns

Ensures the preventive maintenance of key equipment in the network, especially for generators, transformers, and other power distribution equipment

Through proper predictive maintenance, avoids sudden breakdowns or failures thereby ensuring safe operations of assets, subsequently reducing the operating cost

Provides harmonic analysis as per IEEE519:2014. Helps suppress ODD and enables smoother functioning of a motor

Real-time power &energy analysis helps in identifying potential areas of energy savings, in turn, increasing profitability