About Greenovative

With rapidly escalating costs, consumers across all sectors are increasingly opting for efficient and sustainable solutions to meet their energy consumption goals, ensure compliance with various energy-related legislations, and identify possible areas of improvement.

Established in 2011, Greenovative is a privately funded solution provider. In a short span of time, we have grown from a start-up to a global organization with the vision to transform the way users oversee and compute energy consumption. We are an agile company that believes in enhancing our clients’ operational capabilities. We are a team of exceptionally proficient individuals that assist organizations by designing strategies, delivering efficiency, and sustaining results over time. In doing so, we keep receiving invaluable feedback from our clients.

We have a diverse and prestigious customer base from all major industrial sectors, including the textile, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, iron & steel, cement, pulp & paper, and commercial industries. Our solutions have been successfully deployed in over 500 facilities across the globe and continue to maximize efficiency and improve long-term reliability for our clients on a daily basis.

To provide solutions that will shape the future of our communities and help industries thrive sustainably

Our journey


  • Greenovative was established
  • R&D commenced for EMS
  • Installation of pilot projects was initiated

  • GreenErgy V1.0 was rolled out
  • An increasing number of clients showed an inclination towards GreenErgy
  • The Greenovative workforce began to flourish and expand

  • Greenovative's business expanded with more than 50 installations
  • A 25% YoY growth in revenue was recorded
  • IoT solutions made their debut in Greenovative's already exhaustive product portfolio

  • Greenovative assisted at least 2 major players from all industrial domains
  • A new R&D wing was established for Industry 4.0
  • We started our operations in New Delhi

  • Greenovative started penetrating the Middle Eastern & African markets
  • GreenErgy V2.0 was rolled out
  • Our customer base expanded to 200+ members

  • By building trustworthy partnerships since our inception
  • By providing multiple products to customers across the globe
  • By creating revenue-growth opportunities & providing cutting-edge technologies
  • By achieving 99% in terms of customer satisfaction



With a proven track record across a highly diverse client base, our rich experience across the major industry segments sets us apart. We possess a competitive edge in offering customer-centric solutions.


All our solutions are delivered with utmost effectiveness, and we ensure that the process participants are fully aware of the process expectations, procedures, regulations, workflows, and so on.


Our robust solutions provide customers with real-time data analytics and active intelligence, enabling them to make the right decisions efficiently, quickly.